Aglet Mod APK V1.30.2 (Unlimited Money, Free Purchase)

Aglet Mod APK V1.30.2 (Unlimited Money, Free Purchase)

In the world of mobile games, adventure, and action games capture every heart and are the favorite of gaming enthusiasts. One such game is Aglet, which opens the doors of a new gaming world for gaming enthusiasts, but you know what’s more exciting? A mod version of this Android game is available now.

Don’t worry if you haven’t discovered Aglet Mod APK till now. Let’s discover it together and know the amazing features you will get with the modified version through this guide. If you are interested in finding out all the little exciting details about Aglet mod APK, then continue reading this article.

Aglet mod APK has become my favorite Android game because the updated game version adds a new, exciting dimension to the gaming experience and is full of amazing features. Before we dive into the features of the modified version, have a look at the following table to know what is Aglet mod APK.

Features of Aglet Mod APK

The modified version of Aglet gives an enhanced gameplay experience to the players. Read this article till the end to explore the fantastic mod features of this game. Whether you are a gaming enthusiast or a casual gamer, Anglet mod APK is for you.

Explore the World

It is an interactive game that connects the digital world with the real world. Also, it encourages the players to spend time outside and explore the real world to get the reward. Your avatar will follow your footsteps on the digital map and give you the gaming world excitement in real life.

aglet mod apk free purchase

Play With Your Friends

Aglet offers amazing ways to let people interact with each other and join exciting gameplay with real-life friends. You can chat with your real-life and online friends and go on adventures with them.

Try the chat option to locate your friends in any corner of the world. Moreover, you can also explore different cities with your friends and discover hidden treasures to add to your collection.

Customize Your Avatar

Aglet mod APK is not like ordinary games where all players get the same character. The modded APK of Anglet lets the players customize their character and create an avatar that represents them. Choose from apparel collection, accessories, and sneakers to give your avatar a unique look.

You are free to choose any style, pick his apparel, shoes, hairstyle, etc. In short, you can show your creativity and unique taste in your avatar and flex your unique taste in front of your friends.

Make Your Collection

Anglet mod APK offers real-life adventure, letting the players excitingly explore the gaming world. You can enter the Anglet market and purchase everything you like, from apparel to shoes. The Anglet market has a huge collection that suits everyone’s taste, from street fashion to cultural clothes, you will find everything here.

aglet mod apk all unlocked

Whether you like modern clothes or cultural ones, the Anglet market has something for everyone. Don’t miss the sale hours if you want to dominate the resale market.

Exciting Signs and Signals

When playing this game, you may encounter different signals, and you should not ignore them because each signal is a sign of a special offer. A streetwear heaven signal shows new arrival; make bank is a rich signal where you can sell your apparel and kicks to earn more money, etc.

If you have added any brands to your favorite list, you will receive fire drops that show your favorite brands have launched new stuff that you can collect. Plus, you can also order custom apparel and sneakers from your favorite brand.

Discover Rewards

There are hidden treasures in the game that you can explore, and the best thing is these treasures are around you; all you have to do is follow the map to get to the treasure. My excitement is always on another level when I find an in-game treasure in my hometown. This might be a new thing for those who haven’t played this game yet.

Add Spice to Your Boring Routine

Just like Seoul 2033, the mod Features of Aglet Mod Apk also do not disturb your routine life and daily tasks like other games. You can perform your daily tasks like you always do, whether it is a simple walk or an intense workout; this game turns boring daily life routines into exciting adventures.

aglet mod apk exciting features

Participate in Live Events and Contests

If you are creative and can design new sneakers, take part in exciting live events and show your talent to the world. You can also earn by selling your unique piece or wearing it yourself to flex your masterpiece.

Knock Out

Players can also compete with other players in the Virtual sneaker battle to earn in-game currency and win the badge. Solve the clues, get to the destination, and win amazing stuff.

Special Mod Features

Apart from all the above-mentioned exciting features, you will also get extras with the Aglet mod APK. Here is a list of features that players will enjoy only in the Aglet mod APK.

Unlimited Coins

Coins are the in-game currency that lets you buy exciting stuff. In the original version, players put a lot of effort into earning these, but that is not the case with the Aglet mod APK. The modded version offers unlimited coins from the beginning, so you can use them anytime and as much as you want. You will never run out of money in the Aglet mod APK.

aglet mod apk unlimited coins

Free Purchase

The modded version comes with plenty of fun features, and free purchases are one of them. There is no need to pay for any in-game purchase because, with the Aglet mod APK, you can access anything without any restrictions or paying money. Isn’t it exciting? For more fun features and adventurous games, you can also check out Granny outwitt Mod apk.

No Ads.

Here comes the most adored feature of modded games: no ads. The developers have removed the ads beforehand to let the players enjoy smooth gameplay without any irritating ads. popping up on your screen unnecessarily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who owns the Aglet app?

Answer: Ryan David Mullins and Owen Batt own the Aglet. An Android mobile game developed and published by Onlife Inc.

Q2: Can you earn money on Aglet?

Answer: yes, you can, but it’s limited to the game only. The app counts your steps; even a simple walking and running can give you a big reward. Moreover, your steps are converted to in-game currency, so the more you walk, the more money you will earn.

Q3: How do I sell on Aglet?

Answer: To sell on Aglet, you need to pick your shoe from the shelf and put it in the “Sell in Marketplace” category by clicking on it. After selecting your item to sell, you can set its price to suit you and receive money when someone buys it.


Aglet is more than just an exciting game. It is a gateway to push boundaries and earn exciting stuff by walking.

The modded version makes it extra fun, as players can make in-game purchases for free and start the game with pockets full of money that never run out. In short, you will get plenty of unlimited stuff in the modified version. So what are you waiting for?

  • 4.5
4.5 (15420)
All Version
Aglet Mod APK v1.30.2 (Unlimited Money, Free Purchase)
Aglet Mod APK v1.30.2 (Unlimited Money, Free Purchase) 1.30.2 MOD
January 8, 2024 66MB

Mod Info

Unlimited all
All unlocked
Unlimited gold
Unlimited coins

Mod Info

Unlimited all
All unlocked
Unlimited gold
Unlimited coins

App Info
  • App Name Aglet Mod APK v1.30.2 (Unlimited Money, Free Purchase)
  • Package Name
  • Publisher Onlife Inc
  • Updated
  • Required Android 8.0
  • Version 1.30.2
  • MOD

    Unlimited all
    All unlocked
    Unlimited gold
    Unlimited coins

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