Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Guide for Beginners

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Guide for Beginners

​​Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Guide

If you are new to the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius game, playing it can be a little intimidating due to the confusing interface, complex terminologies, and content.

However, if you get used to it, you will find out that the game is really easy to play, you only need the right guidance to help you progress smoothly through the game. I am going to explain some basic information about the game that will surely help you have a frustrating-free gaming experience.


Energy is the main component that players in the game use to engage in battles or quests. In FFBE, the total amount of energy you can possess depends on your rank level. Furthermore, every five minutes, you get one unit of energy.

Until you reach rank 100, the maximum energy you will have is your rank +40. Let me break it down for you in simple terms: if your current rank is 30, your energy level will be 70, which is 30+40.​​Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Guide


In the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius game, to attack your opponent, simply click on the character’s plate. The players also have the freedom to select their preferred dungeon.

Furthermore, besides attacking, you also have other fighting options in the game, including spells, etc. Just swipe left on your character’s plate to select different spells. If you want to trigger the guard stance, which is used to reduce the damage experienced by a character, just swipe down.

On the other hand, swipe right if you want to initiate the character’s ability. Afterward, simply tap on the character to activate the command. It will be a little difficult at first to get the hang of it, but with a little practice, you can smoothly carry out the attack movements.

  • Swipe Down: Guard Stance
  • Right: Character ability
  •  Left: Inventory System
  •  Up: Normal Attack

Unit Awakening

Awakening is the process that refers to units having their weapons or abilities awakened. You can easily identify if a character has awakened or not by looking at the different color icons, with the character’s awakening level displayed on it. If you want to awaken your ability, just navigate to the “Unit” option from the menu and press the “Awaken Abilities” option. Dive into the world of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius with our Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Tier List, your roadmap to assembling a top-tier team.


FFBE Unit Awakening


There is a world map in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, which shows the route and missions that players must go through or complete to progress through the game.

As you go from one mission to another, you will also slowly advance through the game’s plot and unlock new missions or dungeons. Moreover, remember that the amount of your NRG influences the number of missions you can successfully accomplish.

Therefore, if you do not have enough energy, just opt for those missions that do not cost that much NRG. In addition, if you wish to get bonus experiences, crafting recipes and items, then you must not forget to explore dungeons and towns.

Colosseum & Arena

You can unlock the Arena and Colosseum only after successfully entering the Royal Capital Grandshelt. In the Colosseum, you will compete against enemies that are typically found in the FFBE main story. Whereas in Arena, you will fight against other teams created by other players.

I will advise you to daily participate in ten Arena battles to achieve daily rewards. It is okay if you do not win because winning is not compulsory as long as you participate.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a mobile role-playing game that can be a little intimidating or confusing for beginners. However,  with the basic information provided in this article, they will be able to get rid of their confusion. Begin an exciting journey with our Final Fantasy Brave Exvius characters,  each bringing unique stories and abilities to life!

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