Silent Castle Mod APK V1.04.030(Unlimited Money, All Unlocked)

Silent Castle Mod APK V1.04.030(Unlimited Money, All Unlocked)

Introduce yourself to the dark, scary world with Silent Castle Mod APK. It is a horror-themed, action-packed game for Android devices. If one is seeking for adventure game, look no further than Silent Castle Mod Apk-Unlimited Gems. It is introduced with a blend of action, survival, and strategy like never before.

It is a brutal game and is not suitable for underage kids. They can get access to the game with parental guidance. Additionally, people who are sensitive to thrill and excitement keep themselves away from this game. 

Silent castle modded version

Silent Castle Mod APK What is It?

To elevate the Silent Castle Mod APK gameplay, developers have launched an enriched version with the addition of many exciting features. The outcomes may differ with decision-making during the game. This feature is beneficial, as it lets me restart the game and encounter different paths to reach the best possible outcomes.  

Get Unlimited money, unlock all characters, unlimited coins, free purchases, free upgrades, mod menu without any financial constraints. The Mod version never burdens user’s pockets. The latest version is worth downloading than the old versions like v1.3.10, and v1.4.9.  

Engaging Gameplay

Silent Castle Mod APK comes with a unique and horrible storyline. A player lost in a dark castle full of soul reapers. They wandered around the whole castle. On catching player, they peel out their souls any time. So, carefully make strategic decisions and escape from the castle as soon as possible. The gameplay of the game is a blend of explorations, narrative, and puzzle solving.

The key element of Silent Castle Mod APK 2024 is exploration. Pass through the different rooms and corridors and explore treasures, hints, and other resources. Solve the upcoming puzzles to get huge rewards. The puzzles may involve terrifying objects, mysterious codes, and hidden tracks. 

The narrative-based gameplay is at the center corner of the game. Explore various paths to get different outcomes. Explore and uncover the dark history of the castle and make decisions that shape different outcomes.

The game offers two playstyles: Soul Reaper and Survival. Both modes are interesting in their ways. The game offers both offline and online play. The controls are straightforward. The navigation of the character is done using the virtual joystick option available on the screen. It takes little time to master the controls.  

Dynamic Attributes of Silent Castle Mod APK

Select the Unique Character From the Collection

The diverse cast of characters makes the game more engaging. Each comes on the field with its unique abilities and skills. Different hairstyles and outfits of characters show their personality. Choose from the given 6 heroes that better suit your personality.

  • Evelyn Reynolds: it is the keen observer and a powerful explorer of Silent Castle. It has great powers of unrevealing hidden mysteries. It has great problem-solving skills.
  • Lucas Blackwood: He is a great researcher who has a keen observation of the past and history. Possess great knowledge about the castle locations. Its sharp-sightedness helps a lot in finding hidden clues and unraveling the deepest secrets of the castle.
  • Isabella Sterlyng: Isabella is a great magician with powerful magical abilities. It unveils the secrets and finds the hidden treasure, uncovering invisible sights with its powers. She protects me against powerful rivals.
  • Alexander Cross: The powerful sword man of the castle is Alexander. It serves as a protector of the castle. It could face off powerful enemies and treaties as it has great fighting powers and physical strength.

Powerful Tools and Equipment to Use

To survive, everybody demands for basic needs. Silent Castle Mod APK provides the player with the basic tools and equipment to survive in the castle. Make use of a vast array of tools and weapons to overcome the difficulties and challenges.

Earn the limited amount of gold to unlock all the props and tools to enhance survival possibilities.

Heavy Rewards For Greenhorns

Silent Castle Mod APK offers free rewards on each check-in. Log in to the game daily and earn rewards even without playing the levels. This step enhances the encouragement to dig deep into the game and resolve mysteries. It is the most overwhelming attribute for newcomers.   

MVP Rewards

Claim the title of MVP by completing a challenge and fulfilling the task. Complete the levels in an honored way. Show your tactic skills, prove your abilities, unlock hidden items, and avail bonuses. 

Silent castle mod apk mvp rewards

Multiple Game Modes to Choose From

Silent Castle Mod APK offers offer two playstyles as I started the game. It asked whether I wanted to be a reaper or a Survivor. Each of the modes has its perspective on gameplay. Take part in breathtaking battles as survivors and bring fear to the castle as a soul reaper.

The game offers two game modes: Survivor and Death mode.

If one chooses a survivor mode, it further moves in two ways: Survival or endless.

Survival: If one chooses a survival mode, he keeps himself safe until the light appears. The game starts at night and ends up with the light of the day. A player needs to survive throughout the night. This mode includes unlocking the rooms and new levels. Be alive till the morning and get 3 diamonds as a reward.

Endless: This mode comes with endless thrill and horror. Multiple monsters keep looking for victims simultaneously. It overlaps days and nights.

Death Mode: If one prefers to be a reaper over the victim. It would be a great fun. Reaper’s task is to visit different rooms, unlock the rooms, and look for the victims. On catching them, kill them. Kill the maximum number of victims to get highly ranked. If the reaper successfully opens the door, he will get 1 heath. Unlock the uncountable doors to get unlimited health.

Mysterious Rooms to Explore

The Silent Castle Mod APK is filled with hidden locations and rooms to be explored. For adventure enthusiasts, this is a top-notch feature of the game. These locations hide many valuable resources and hints. Thus, explore the dark spaces to find the items. 

Make cut-and-dried decisions as outcomes are unpredictable. Make quick and instant decisions to keep safe from danger. Take the props wisely in use as their use may lead to unusual results. 

Enter the room and settle down on the bed to keep invading Soul Reaper. Cover the door using various props. The door is the only thing that stops the reaper from entering the room. Lying on the bed and waiting patiently for morning to arise. 

Build Strategic Defences

Survival does not rely on solo powers. It highlights the importance of teamwork. Align up with friends and fellows, make alliance strategies, and make precise decisions. Coordinate with others to fight off the threats. 

Choose the character trained to the best to face off the enemies. Use strategic skills to make the character an endless fighter. Along with strategic skills, make use of items and tools offered by the game to make a character stronger. 

Solve Challenging Puzzles

Challenging Puzzles are the key element of the Silent Castle Mod APK. Players need to think out of the box to solve the puzzles. The game is enriched in puzzles, from inventory-based to complex riddles. It is a great fun to solve puzzles. At each competition of puzzle, I got rewards. 

Unique Art Styles

Everything in Silent Castle Mod APK is designed so well that it mirrors reality. The graphics, visual, and sounds forces the player to come back for more. The shadows and lights are designed so well that they create a sense of realism. The characters look so real. 

The creeping sounds of doors and Soul Reapers add tension and suspense to the scene. The music sounds add a sense of isolation. 

Silent castle mod apk unique arts

Mod Features Offered by Silent Castle Mod APK

No ads

Unwanted ads are the prominent distraction in the official version. Due to the ads, I usually lose interest in the game and quit the game. Step into the journey of endless possibilities without any interruptions with Silent Castle Mod Apk. 

Bug Fixed

The bugs disturb the game by causing interruptions. The Mod version is completely bug-free. Now, enjoy the smooth gameplay without facing any difficulties in the game.   

All levels Unlocked

In the official version, we must clear out previous ones before we can get access to higher levels. The mod version has resolved this issue. Now, with Silent Castle Mod Apk, we can play any of the levels we want without passing out the lowest ones. 

Unlimited Money

Money is the essential in-game currency that the players need to progress fast in the game. In the official version, I got money by completing tasks and clearing levels. “Time is money,” so what need to waste it? Enjoy limitless money with the mod version without investing time in earning it. 

Silent castle mod apk unlimited money

Unlimited Gold and Gems

Access to the limitless gold and coins enriches the entire gameplay and makes things easier. Use infinite money, gold, and gems to strengthen the powers. Get props, all characters, and multiple pieces of equipment at your fingertips without any economic hindrance.

Free Shopping

One of the most sought-after features in any modded game is the ability to shop for free. The Silent Castle Mod Apk makes this a reality, allowing players to access any in-game item without the constraint of in-game currency. As a result, you can begin your journey to survive the horrors of the castle armed with the best tools, weapons, and upgrades for your character.

Unlimited all

Think about having limitless access to every resource in the game. That’s exactly what the Silent Castle Mod Apk provides: unlimited all. Through this feature, you will always have access to the resources you require during gaming, including special powers, healing potions, and other essential items for survival. With this level of customization, any player can make their game experience unique to their interests.

Mod Menu

Enhancing player experience requires customization, and the Silent Castle Mod Apk’s Mod Menu feature gives you complete control over customization. Through an easy-to-navigate menu, players can toggle various mod features on or off according to their preference. With this degree of personalization, any player can make their game experience unique according to their preferences. If you’re a fan of customizing your gaming adventures, you might also enjoy exploring the options available in Granny Outwitt MOD APK.

Unlimited Blood

In every survival game, health is an essential element that may make the difference between winning and losing. Because of the Unlimited Blood feature, you could encounter the challenges of the castle without worrying about dying soon. It keeps your health bar full. With this modification, players may play around more aggressively and without having to worry about running out of health.

Unlimited Diamonds

Diamonds are the premium currency in Silent Castle, used to unlock exclusive items and benefits that are not accessible through regular gameplay. With the Unlimited Diamonds feature, the Silent Castle Mod Apk grants players an infinite amount of diamonds, opening up a world of possibilities. Whether it’s purchasing the rarest items or accessing premium content, unlimited diamonds ensure that all features of the game are at your fingertips.

Pros and Cons of Silent Castle Mod Apk


  • No root is needed to play Mod on Android.
  • Provide an ad-free experience.
  • Delve into the gaming experience without any financial strains.
  • The Mod version is completely safe to play.


  • It is not supported on low-end Android devices.
  • Make the game less challenging with the “unlimited all” feature.

Free Download Silent Castle Mod APK-Unlimited Gold Latest Version

The installation process is so simple and easy that even a newbie can install the game on the go. To Get silent Castle Premium Apk for Android or IOS devices, follow the below guides.

  1. Firstly, go to mobile settings and activate the “Unknown sources” option to allow third-party sources.
  2. Now, reach the download link below and hit it.
  3. Proceed further with the installation process.
  4. Follow up on the screen guides to get the file successfully installed on your system.
  5. Installation never takes much time to complete.


Silent Castle Mod Apk- An adventurous game is an appealing option for adventure and mystery lovers. It tests survival skills among relentless death reapers. The spine-chilling gameplay of Silent Castle premium Apk keeps me stuck on the edge of my seat for hours without boredom. Unleash your inner powers, overcome the hindrances, and be an ultimate warrior. Keep in touch with us. Your reviews are motivational for us. 

Frequently Asked Questionss

Q1: Is the Mod version of Silent Castle safe?

Ans: Yes, it is 100% safe and authentic to play with the Mod version. It is scanned by anti-malware and anti-virus authorities. 

Q2: What are the blood bags used for in silent Castle Mod Apk?

Ans: Blood bags are mainly used to refill the blood bars when they end. These bags are handout on stands at various places in all stages and used by the infected players. 

Q4: Is the MOD of Silent Castle Available for free?

Ans: Get the new version with new updates of Silent Castle from our website for free.  

Q5: What type of game is Silent Castle?

Ans: Silent Castle is a strategy, horror-based game in which the player gets stuck in a dark castle filled with soul reapers. Use tactical skills, explore locations, and find a way to come out of the building.

  • 4.3
4.3 (18930)
All Version
Silent Castle Mod APK v1.04.030 (Unlimited Money, All Unlocked)
Silent Castle Mod APK v1.04.030 (Unlimited Money, All Unlocked) 1.04.030 MOD
April 16, 2024 100MB

Mod Info

Unlock All Characters
Unlimited Everything
Unlimited Diamonds
Free Shopping
Mod Info

Unlock All Characters
Unlimited Everything
Unlimited Diamonds
Free Shopping

App Info
  • App Name Silent Castle Mod APK v1.04.030(Unlimited Money, All Unlocked)
  • Package Name com.survive.silentcastle
  • Updated
  • Required Android 5.0
  • Version 1.04.030
  • MOD
    Unlock All Characters
    Unlimited Everything
    Unlimited Diamonds
    Free Shopping
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