Tales of Crestoria Characters List 2023

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Tales of Crestoria Characters List 2023

Tales of Crestoria consists of new character casts as well as characters from other Tale series. Each character has a unique background and story that adds depth to the game and makes it more engaging. In this article, I am going to list down Tales of Crestoria characters as well as their background story.

Tales of Crestoria Characters

Here are the list of some main characters of Tales of Crestoria:

  • Kanata Hjuger
  • Misella
  • Vicious
  • Aegis Alver
  • Yuna Azetta

1. Kanata Hjuger

Kanata Hjuger is the main character of the Tales of Crestoria and my favorite character with a strong sense of justice. He kills his own father, Cody, who is the mastermind behind the human trafficking. However, because of patricide, he is shown as a criminal, and his vision orb is replaced with the Stain of Guilt.

Kanata Hjuger


Kanata, in the beginning of the game, fought with his sword named “Dues Alma” but later on, he obtained a two-handed sword named “Patrical Edge” (Blood Sin power). He is undoubtedly an interesting character.

Weapon: Sword

2. Misella

Misella is the second most important character, and in order to save her, Kanata is shown as a transgressor. She is an orphan and is a huge admirer of Kanata. She admires Kanata to the point of obsession and is ready to do anything to protect him.


Misella is also labeled with the Stain of Guilt due to siding with Kanata, and later on, she unlocks her Blood Sin power. Besides the Blood Sin power, she is also physically strong. She mostly uses healing artes and fire-elemental.

Weapon: Annihilation Flame

3. Vicious

Vicious is another exciting character with a tragic background that adds more depth to his personality. He is known as the great transgressor and is regarded as an enemy by the entire state. His main plan is to create an entire team of transgressors and destroy the whole world.


As his name suggests, he is a very vicious and cruel character but sometimes also shows a soft side. In human form, he uses two guns, known as Eternal Torment. Furthermore, when he is in a Great Transgressor state, he is much stronger, faster, and more cruel.

Weapons: Dual Guns (Human Form) & Flaming Scythe (Great Transgressor)

4. Aegis Alver

Aegis Alver is a very principled character who strictly follows the rules and protects the Queen. However, later on, he also receives the Stain of Guilt due to an accusation from Gadel. He uses a Spear named Wavering Heart.

Aegis Alver

He is really a strict and stubborn character and also possesses a hypocritical side. Aegis Alver, later on, joins the Kanata team.

Weapons: Spear

5. Yuna Azetta

Yuna Azetta is a journalist who gathers and sells information. She is a character who does not hesitate to speak out harsh facts, but she is also a character who knows her limits. She sells information to Vicious and is later called Stain of Guilt.

Yuna Azetta

Yuna Azetta uses electrified Kunai as her weapon, which she wears as a ring. She is a great ally, for sure, when fighting.

Weapon: Dual-Wielding Kunai

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Tales of Crestoria features a variety of characters with distinctive backgrounds and abilities. Kanata Hjuger is the main protagonist of the game and one of the most powerful characters.

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