Tales of Crestoria Review – Exploring the Gameplay, Features, and More!

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Tales of Crestoria Review – Exploring the Gameplay, Features, and More!

Tales of Crestoria Review

When it comes to Tales of Crestoria, I got mixed feelings while playing it. At times, the game was undoubtedly exciting, especially due to its unexpected storyline. However, at times, I was a bit disappointed.

So, you might be wondering why that is; well, let me explain to you in detail whether the Tales of Crestoria is a hit or a miss. This Tales of Crestoria review highlights both the pros and cons of the game. Let’s start!


Let’s begin the review with graphics. The graphics are undoubtedly amazing and appealing, which I was not expecting to be honest. I get excited every time I get to see my favorite characters in full 3D with excellent voice acting.

In this game, I was expecting a pixel-like graphic style, but Tales of Crestoria takes it to the next level by balancing this out by including 3D character models and Skit-style cut scenes. If graphics are attractive, this makes the game more engaging. All of the characters you see in the game have detailed background stories, unique abilities, and personalities, which adds depth to the game.

Battles and Combat

Tales of Crestoria is a turn-based game that puts emphasis on players taking turns while playing the game. Every character is allocated one element that they can use in their battle. What I like is that before you engage in battle, you are notified of your enemy’s element, so you can make preparations accordingly. If you’re interested about the Tales of Crestoria Characters, feel free to check out our newest blog for all the details!

Moreover, in Crestoria, you have the freedom to call another fighter in your group during any battles or challenges, which is the best part for many players. However, you can do this action at the cost of kicking out your one group member. I will say only use this move when you are in a dire situation.

Storyline & Plot

The best part about Tales of Crestoria is its engaging plot and storyline that makes the game more exciting. The main protagonist of the story is Kanata Hjuger, who is a unique character who is willing to do terrible acts as long as it’s for the greater good. The story overall is really dark, but with fun and lively characters like Yuna Azetta, etc., the plot becomes more engaging and funny.


Tales of Crestoria is overall good, but it can be a little frustrating when the game lags. The game sometimes gets stuck at the worst time, and I get forcibly removed from the game. Additionally, sometimes I am even unable to load the game.

This game is a little intimidating for newcomers because there are many complex terms or features that are not explained properly in the game, so you have no choice but to do research of your own, which can be troublesome. Besides these two cons, I find the game very engaging and thrilling.

Concluding Statement

In essence, Tales of Crestoria is worth the try because of its engaging storyline and appealing graphics. Although sometimes, it can be frustrating due to the game getting stuck, it is still worth the try and money. So if you want to play Tales of Crestoria MOD APK you can download it from our website.

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