Why Tales of Crestoria Shut Down in February 2022?

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Why Tales of Crestoria Shut Down in February 2022?

Tales of Crestoria was first launched in 2020 and hooked many players due to its exciting premise and excellent storyline.

This game features unique characters of its own as well as characters from other Tales series, each with distinctive backgrounds and stories. However, unfortunately, after a year and a half, Tales of Crestoria Shut Down due to technical issues.


Tales of Crestoria Shut Down Reasons

Tales of Crestoria, in December 2021, declared that it would be closing down in February 2022, affecting both the Japanese and the Global version. This news left many people distraught, but it was expected.

Before Tales of Crestoria launched, I was really excited because of its promising premise and solid storyline, but unfortunately, after it was released, I was disappointed.

The game had multiple bugs. At first, it was no problem, but these bugs literally destroyed the feeling of a smooth gaming experience. I experienced various glitches and crashes, and the worst thing was that it was difficult to compete in the training quest due to the timezone bug.

Furthermore, due to the high competition in the gaming or mobile market, many games fail to make a splash in the market and die over time. Many studios or creators get pressure from seniors or supervisors to release the game quickly, which results in buggy and incomplete games. To be honest, many fans were expecting the game to shut down due to multiple warning signs.

The major warning sign or alert was when the developers did not announce any updates regarding new events or characters, which was mostly announced in late November.

This left most fans wondering whether there would be any new event in the game or not. However, later on, they declared that the game would undergo maintenance, which further amplified the doubts among fans. If you want to learn more about Tales of Crestoria, check out our newest blog post. I’ll be giving a complete Review of Tales of Crestoria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why did Tales of Crestoria close?

Answer: The Tales of Crestoria closed due to bugs that have plagued the game since its launch in 2020. The real issue lies with how developers or studios are pressured by higher-ups to quickly release the game, which results in the game being full of bugs and incomplete.

Q2: Is Tales of Crestoria cancelled?

Answer: Yes, unfortunately, it is. The game will close down in February 2022, as announced by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Final Verdict

It is sad that the Tales of Crestoria is closing down despite its excellent plot and promising premise. The game is closing because of the multiple bugs that hunt the game and disrupt the smooth gaming experience. If you are interested in Tales Gacha, you can go for Tales of the Rays.

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