Tales of Crestoria Summer Guide: Unlock the Best Summer Secrets

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Tales of Crestoria Summer Guide: Unlock the Best Summer Secrets

The Tales of Crestoria summer events are here, which means another exciting adventure. In this Tales of Crestoria Summer guide, I will help you walk through the strategies you need to adopt and teach you how to smoothly progress through the game. Therefore, keep reading to enlighten yourself.

I am going to discuss two Tales of Crestoria summer events: The treasure hunt and Sunflower events. Let me guide you on how you can effortlessly progress through the events.


Summer Treasure Hunt

To participate in the Treasure Hunt event, you must first complete the Treasure Hunt Stage 1. This stage has only nine missions, out of which some are stories. These stages are easy to complete, especially for those who have played Tales of Crestoria.

Moreover, after you have successfully completed stage 1, you will advance to the next level. In addition, keep in mind that as you move from one stage to another, the missions will increase in difficulty.

Complete Missions Quickly

In stage 2, the missions get trickier and more challenging, especially without the strong Water element characters. Therefore, go for those missions that are easy to complete and do not require any effort and time. You will receive event points if you complete your missions quickly.


Furthermore, you will receive Treasure Maps when you complete missions or events in stage 2. Use these Treasure Maps to initiate the Event Raid, which will offer you lots of points and medals.

If you want to increase rewards in the game, I suggest you start the Raid while you are collecting points. This will help you get more rewards, even if you are absent from the Raid.

Event Shop

Wondering what to get from the shop? Then let me advise you to get Gleamstones, SR+ Tickets, and Memoria stones. Memoria stones are significantly important, as they are as precious as leveling up your unit.

In addition, you must also get Ascension material, which will help you avoid joining the non-event Raids while the event is taking place. You can also buy anything that you prefer. If you want to play Tales of Crestoria Mod APk you can download it from our website.

Sunflower Event

Just like I mentioned above in the Treasure Hunt Event, you must complete the 1 stage to unlock stage 2. After completing the quests or mission in stage 2, you will receive Paper Dolls and Radiant Arrows. Radiant Arrows refer to the Raid currency, and you must collect a lot of them to successfully prepare yourself for the Hard Raid.

Whereas the Paper Doll is the new currency that you can use to buy items or other things from the event shop. Moreover, It will be beneficial for you to have one Raid ongoing in the background while you enter the other party’s raid.


I will advise using characters that possess Wind-Type elements as the Raid boss (Storm Serpent) uses Water-Type. To successfully complete this event, you can use SR units instead of SSR, as they are enough to get you through the game.

Event Store

As you progress through the event, you will collect a lot of Paper dolls that you can use to buy a lot of important stuff, including Gleamstones, Ascension materials, and Memoria Stones from the event shops. Additionally, if you get Natalia and Guy Memoria stones, you will receive an event bonus. You can also get memoria stones of Aelos, Spohie, and Yuri for attack bonuses.

Concluding Statement

In conclusion, the Tales of Crestoria Summer events offer thrilling and exciting experiences with plenty of adventure and rewards. I hope this guide will help you advance through the events effortlessly.

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