Tales of Crestoria Tier List – November 2023

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Tales of Crestoria Tier List – November 2023

Tales of Crestoria Tier List

I am going to list the Tales of Crestoria Tier List, a significant resource for those looking to build a strong team and want to find out which character is worth the investment. Tales of Crestoria portrays a variety of characters, each with distinctive abilities, skills, and attributes. Understanding the Tier List will help players make an informed decision when it comes to selecting a character.


SR characters refer to powerful and strong characters, but when it comes to SSR characters, SR lags behind. In the initial stages of the game, the SR characters are enough to handle any enemy by using their strength and abilities.


In Tales of Crestoria, the following characters are considered SR-Tiers:

Characters Grade 
Philia (Debuffer) SR
Arche (Debuffer) SR
Dezel (Debuffer) SR
Senel (Debuffer) SR
Magilou (Debuffer) SR
Norma (Healer) SR
QQ (Buffer) SR

Moreover, keep in mind that the SR-level characters may not be a great resource as you progress further in the game. As you progress through the game, it is advisable to replace your SR characters with SSR-level characters because they are a necessity in higher stages, including PvE or PvP mode.


SSR characters are the most powerful in the Tales of Crestoria game and are equipped with excellent skills, abilities, and stats. The SSR category is further categorized into four tiers, including SS (the best), S (good), A (average), and B(not good).


The following are the SSR characters:



PvP Tier  

PvE Tier  

Rita SSR S-Tier S-Tier
Kohaku SSR A-Tier S-Tier
Yuna SSR A-Tier S-Tier
Sophie SSR A-Tier S-Tier
Zelos SSR S-Tier S-Tier
Dhaos SSR SS-Tier SS-Tier
Yuria SSR   S-Tier S-Tier
Chronos SSR S-Tier A-Tier
Kanata SSR SS-Tier S-Tier
Milla SSR A-Tier A-Tier
Aegis SSR B-Tier B-Tier
Llyod SSR B-Tier B-Tier
Vicious SSR B-Tier B-Tier

In Tales of Crestoria, there are also D-Tier and C-Tier characters, which refer to the characters with the lowest stats and abilities that you must avoid at all costs. Therefore, if you want to build the strongest team, you must always aim for SR or SSR-Tier characters to smoothly progress through the game.

Best Attacker & Healers Tier List

There are also the best attackers in the Tales of Crestoria that you must get your hands on to build a powerful team. The following are the best attackers:

  • Velvet
  • Stahn
  • Leon
  • Cress
  • Kanonno

If you want to create the best team, you definitely need healers/supporters to strengthen it further. Healers help you keep your team healthy and also provide crucial support during battles. The best healers in the game are as follows:

Characters   Attributes
Estelle Healer
Misella  Supporter
Ludger Debuffer
Kohaku Supporter/Healer

Making a powerful team requires careful planning and strategy. When creating a team, you must add attackers and healers to make it more balanced. In addition, if you want more attack or combat power, you can add more attackers to your team.

Concluding Statement

To sum up, understanding the Tales of Crestoria Tier List is necessary if you wish to create a powerful team. Knowing about the ranks of the characters will help you make an informed decision about which character is worth investing in. While creating a team, keep in mind the Tier List provided in this guide.

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