Wrestling Revolution 3D Guide And Strategy For Beginners

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Wrestling Revolution 3D Guide

The Wrestling Revolution3D version provides a platform for players to wrestle with other players in exciting and different matches. The game may seem complicated the first time you start to play it, but trust me, with a little practice and the right guide, you will love the game. In this guide, I am going to share with you some tips and strategies to help you get familiar with the game.


Wrestling Revolution 3D is a game about making your way up the ladder and becoming a champion. Becoming a champion is not easy and requires the player to compete in different matches and competitions. Moreover, you can also set up your matches and cast strong players in your team.

In the game, enjoy different matches, each with unique settings and storylines. Moreover, this game also contains famous WWE wrestlers.

Game Controls

Wrestling revolution 3d guide Game Controls

The first thing you must do while playing a game is to get familiar with the controls. The controls of the Wrestling Revolution 3D game are similar to the other games, including the School Days game. The following are the basic controls of the game:

Controls   Description
A   If you wish to attack your opponent, press “A.”
R   Press “R” for running
G   It stands for grappling
P   If you want to pick up an object or throw it, press “P.”
T   You can click on “T” for pinning the other player or for taunting. Use it for referee duties, too. 
Eye   “Eye” is used to change perspective or switch focus. 
Clock   Pause
Health Meter   Switch character


Do not skip the training part at all otherwise, it will be hard for you to fight in matches and competitions. Training makes you prepare for the competition and also upgrades your stats. Therefore, make sure to go through the training phase.

Furthermore, I will advise you to keep on practicing to master the game. In the game, there are a lot of things and features, so do not stop exploring.


The best thing about Wrestling Revolution 3D is that you have plenty of customization options that make the game more engaging. You can create your character and dress them up the way you desire. You also have the opportunity to select your moves.

Wrestling revolution 3d guide Customization

However, I will advise that you go for specific actions that take little time to perform. On the other hand, if you choose complex moves, it will take you more time to pull them off; therefore, go for fast and simple moves. In addition, you can also make your game speed up to make the matches look more fluid and more natural.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod apk is an exciting wrestling game that can be a bit complicated and intimidating, especially for those who are just starting. Follow the instructions or tips mentioned in the guide to get familiar with the game setup. The game may be confusing at first, but with practice, you will become an ultimate wrestler.

The game has a lot of exciting features, so explore the game in detail. I will advise you to keep trying out new things because there is a lot to discover.



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